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What We Do At Prestige

Go to Google Ranking

Google Ranking

The entire goal of the SEO services we offer, is to bring your business to the top of google. By using SEO, we can bring your site to the top of your market, which in turn brings you more business, and crushes your competition in rankings.

Go to First Page Results

First Page Results

Over 98% of all clicks happen on the first page of google. Therefore, it is essential to your business that you show up on the first page. If your not showing up on the first page, you are losing a ton of business.

Web Design

SEO and Web Design go together like bread and butter. That’s why Prestige offers both to our clients, because in order to thrive with internet marketing, you must use both effectively.


At Prestige, in order to be the top SEO agency in the area, we have to have a deep understanding of marketing and SEO. We can offer a helping hand in the aspects of SEO, Web Design, and web marketing. Check out some of our freebies, or give us a call if you need any help!

Prestige SEO

A Little About Our Agency
A Local SEO Based out of Michigan.

At Prestige, we are trying to change and revolutionize the SEO and marketing industry.Too many small business are missing out on massive amounts of growth, and revenue due not taking advantage of the opportunity online marketing can bring. We are trying to build something bigger than ourselves at Prestige. Our whole mission of creating this company was on the sole fact that we knew how to SEO, and do local marketing. We also spotted a trend in the marketing industry, that there was no real authority, nor was there a widely trusted brand. Instead, a lot of spam, filth, and scamming was going on, and thats where we could make the change;by providing the most trusted, effective marketing to small and local businesses.

  • Our vision at Prestige is to offer the best SEO around. Our industry has been distrusted for too long, and we envision ourselves setting the bar.

  • When a small business does its marketing, the end goal is getting a high return, and results. SEO is focused solely on getting results. Ranking number one on google, and driving business. At Prestige, thats what we are all about.

  • Its amazing to see a company blow up online. It is so easy now for any company to grow massive online, due to the low barriers and its high exposure. SEO can grow any business, and we love to see a company take off. The bigger your company gets, the bigger we get.

  • We want to be an asset to you, and your company. Trust is the only way a company can successfully grow, trusting that it will work, and trusting the process. Without trust, everything withers away. Thats why we practically give away our services to start, to prove that we can actually help.