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We drive customers and sales for Small Business’s using Google, Social Media, and Conversion Optimized Web Design, and everything in between.

Google Search

Google makes it easier for to reach your customers than ever. Prestige helps by ranking your business in the top spots in Google, and reaching customers actively searching for the products and services you provide.

Social Media

Social Media is the way the worlds going. All of your customers eyes are there. Prestige uses these mediums to reach a broader audience, and to build up a following for your business. We create huge amounts of value and content for your audience, engage them, and lead them to work with your business. Not only does it directly affect the amount of customers your business attains, but also makes your brand a well known authority in your industry.

Web Design

Your website is the heart of your business online. Prestige helps create your business a website, that is both creative, yet works as a sales machine for your business. It is optimized to convert traffic into leads, as well as inform and guide your potential customers to your business.

About Us

Prestige is a team of expert marketers, in Michigan. We offer our clients SEO (ranking high on Google), website design, and social media marketing. We specialize in small business marketing, as well as professional practices.

We’re not going to sit here, and say we are the most creative. Or the “best”. Or even a “good” marketing agency. Every other agency claims these. We are all about practicality. How can we help. What we can do. How we are going to do it. What works, and what doesn’t. What will work and be great for your business, not what we think will work.

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