SEO – Getting Ranked on Google

At Prestige, we offer SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This process is one of the highest ROI forms of marketing, as it get your business in front of customers that are already searching for you. Whether your a doctor, lawyer, plumber, restaurant, or designer, we can 10X your business with Google.

How it Works

SEO is a process that gets your business ranked higher on Google, for terms that your potential customers are searching for. The process of doing SEO is made up of research, optimizing your site, writing content, and building links.


The First step of SEO is Research. In order to target and drive valuable customers to your business, researching your market is crucial. We dig up who we want to target, how we are going to strategize it, and why they are looking for you.

Dentist Example

For a dentist, we would research what areas are best to target, the type of patients we would want to call and come in, why they would want to come in, and the best way to reach them.

Key Words

Key words are the focal point of SEO. Knowing what keywords we want to target, and what will bring the biggest return, is crucial. We will uncover and discuss high valued keywords your business would benefit from.

Graphic Designer Example

For a Graphic Designer, we would need to uncover how their customers are trying to find services they offers. If they offer "banner printing" a keyword we might choose is "banner printing in Waterford", and have the site rank for that.


This is where the magic happens. We do a full optimization of the site, including: optimizing media, content, tags, scripts, code and all of the components that make up your site. By doing this, it sends signals to Google that your site should rank for the keywords we optimized it for.

Pressure Points

Optimizing is like a bunch of little "pressure points". If we optimize the right ones on your site, it will "crack" Google open like a safe, and send strong signals to Google, so that they rank your site.


Once your site is ranking, the results will be obvious. You will now be in front of the entire population of customers searching for your services. When people are searching for companies in your niche, they will be coming to you. Expect 10X the phone calls, and 10X your customer base! (Seriously, our clients tell us this all the time)

Lawyer Example

If a lawyer is not ranking on Google, he is missing out on people that are searching for lawyers. As soon as he starts showing up for "Injury lawyers in Michigan", can you imagine how many new clients will be calling him? Everyone searching for lawyers will be directed to him. Plus, ranking on google is a HUGE symbol to customers that you are trustworthy, as Google just doesn't rank anybody (as most people think).



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